May 20th, 2013

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Review of Series 7 Finale Doctor Who

I’m going to start out saying that this has been the best episode in this series 7 run. This had way more than I expected, even with me setting my expectations low.

[do not read if haven't watcher the finale]I already knew that we weren’t going to get the name of the Doctor. It’s not something that I think anyone would give power to Moffat to do nor is it something that I think should be done until we’re completely done with Doctor Who. Which I hope is a long time coming.

I did like the fact that a number of names that the Doctor has been called were introduced into it, plus He-Who–Must-Not-Be-Called-the-Doctor being one of them. Who is John Hurt supposed to be? I’ve seen the varied theories, most being that he’s the rejected regeneration of Nine or coming between Eight and Nine or a future incarnation (possibly the Valeyard – whom I had to google, not being of the Classic!Who era). I don’t know what incarnation of the Doctor he will play, but my theory is that he will be an antagonist in the 50th Anniversary and possibly becoming allied or redeeming himself later on in the special (almost like a Vader-like arc).

I can’t believe I have to wait SIX MONTHS for my next Who episode and that I’m left with a cliffhanger!!!! MOFFFFAAAAATT!!!!!

Ahem. Sorry. I had to get that out. But seriously.

I just have to say that Clara has become one of my favorite companions. She’s, like the Doctor said, perfect for him in every way. I like that she has her own mind and that she questions and pushes back at the Doctor instead of mindlessly following him. I know some fans are disappointed that her entire existence seems to revolve around the Doctor, but at least it’s with her SAVING him not just obsessing about him (*cough*River*cough*). I think that the Clara that we meet in our century is the real Clara and she did have her own life but now it’s scattered across time and space when she gave up her life to save the Doctor and save all the universes as a result. She became just as important as Donna yet has the heart and the chemistry that Rose had (both of my other faves). She's just this totally ordinary girl made into someone extraordinary through her own actions which was the same for Rose and Donna.

I do love the chemistry between her and the Doctor. But I would be happy with that not developing into any sort of romantic thing. I was happy when she wasn’t taken in with the Cyber!Doctor’s attempt last epi to seduce her. She wasn’t this pining and only about men kind of girl and she isn’t like that.

MATT SMITH. I love him. He’s not my Doctor but he’s right on up there, squished behind David Tennant. I think that he might’ve been my Doctor had he a different showrunner than Moffat. He’s just such an incredible actor. He’s just not been given too much incredible material to work with. The scene where he’s realizing he has to go to Trenzalore but is so torn up about it… *sad face*

River Song. Eh. I wasn’t too excited about having her about. I did like that she and the Doctor had an emotional moment and he actually said good-bye to her. That kiss was pretty hot. The only real kiss between them that I’ve seen and it was beautiful in that it was emotional.

I didn’t really realize until reading all the reviews/reactions that there wasn’t really so much a plot in this episode so much as a set up to the 50th but I didn’t really care either because the tidbits of getting to Trenzalore, the final scene between the Doctor and River, the settling of the question of who is Clara and the whole montage of past Doctors kept me so excited!

Anyway, maybe I’ll do more of a coherent review after I’ve rewatched the epi again tonight.

Oh! And my theory on how Ten and Rose work into the 50th:

It’s going to be Ten and Rose pre-Doomsday, from what I’ve seen of David’s outfit. It’s also going to be Ten and Rose somewhere in the time stream that Clara and Eleven are trying to find their way out of. At some point they’ll encounter Not!Doctor and fight/help him (I don’t know which) and then they’ll restore order and go their separate ways with Ten and Rose none the wiser as whatever they’d done with Clara and Eleven won’t actually have happened because Moffat will push the Happy Reset Button.

Yes, I’m bitter.

But I’m still so excited about the finale!!!

Last aside: I love Clara's theme. I hope it's her theme. It keeps going off around her.