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I finally want to write something after a long spate of writing nothing, obsessing over Tony/Pepper and Chapel/McCoy, memeing myself to death, and failing to find a new TV/movie obsession. Hopefully this little exercise will unlock my desire to finish some of my WIPs.

The idea is a "Five Times..." story for each of my OTPs. I probably won't get to them all but I have high hopes to doing a lot of them. Just for your and my edification, here are what I consider my OTPs (the closer to the top, the more likely I will be writing about them):

1. Chapel/McCoy
2. Pepper/Tony
3. Clara/Eleven
4. Rose/Ten
5. Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop
6. Scully/Mulder
7. Katniss/Peeta (I already have like 3 5x stories for them)
8. Betty Cooper/Reggie Mantle
9. B'Elanna Torres/Tom Paris
10. Mara Jade/Luke Skywalker
11. Uhura/Spock
12. Amanda Grayson/Sarek
13. Janeway/Chakotay
14. Amy/Rory
15. Joan/Sherlock

And probably more that I'm forgetting.

Wish me luck!
Tags: random babble with no point to it

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