no matter how improbable (charlottetrips) wrote,
no matter how improbable

DW FIC: Subliminal, Continuous

title Subliminal, Continuous
author charlottetrips
genre, rating, wc drama, PG, 323
character the Master
summary It. Never. Stops.

The pulse never stops. A beat to the rhythm of my heart. Over and over and over again.

Beat-beat-beat-beat, beat-beat-beat-beat

Thousands, millions of years, it’s thrown its pulse against the walls of my head. Pounding.

Pound-pound-pound-pound, pound-pound-pound-pound

Chipping away at solid barriers until it finally bursts forth into the open, leaving behind a cavity from which my brain can leak through. I can see myself laying wide-eyed on my side, people passing around me, ignoring this man that lays supine at their feet. The internal force escaping.

Chip-chip-chip-chip, chip-chip-chip-chip

Sometimes I think it’s gone away. Then I realize that I’ve just covered it with other noise, other distractions. The screams of those lesser-minded beings as they dissolve under experiments, the terror in the faces of those unfortunate enough to stand in my way, the laughter of a Time Lord who doesn’t quite understand what’s going on. All of this can drown it out, but not for long.

It always comes back.

Beat-beat-beat-beat, beat-beat-beat-beat

Insane. I’ve been driven insane. Or have I ever been sane? Has there ever been a time when this—beat-beat-beat-beat, beat-beat-beat-beat—wasn’t there? There are times when I’m sure that others hear it. One cocks his head to the side, another taps it out with her finger. Or they could just be toying with me, taking advantage of the crazy one, stirring him up, making reality right for him for just a moment before taking it away.

Tap-tap-tap-tap, tap-tap-tap-tap

It’s only ever been for me. Special. Is that the word? Special is as special does. Unique. That’s it. That’s me! No one else gets driven forward by this. No one else experiences the cadence, the pulse. Maybe it’s just the universe communing within me, through me. It’s chosen me. I hear it now, a message within the noise. The lesson that I’m supposed to learn. Can you hear it, too?

It’s telling me what I must do.

Beat-beat-beat-beat, beat-beat-beat-beat

Tags: challenge, challenge: who contest, character: the master, fandom: doctor who, genre: drama, length: one-shot

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