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she dabbles

shameless fanfiction writer

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no matter how improbable
6 August
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call me char. i'm 25 years old and i volunteer my time to helping mankind. i'm a semi-out of the closet fan fiction writer. i'm a smart-ass who's also a whovian-trekkie-x-philes who knows what "cool" means (and it isn't defined by anyone else's standards). i wish i could do graphics...better. fandoms i write in. harry potter, doctor who, star trek: voyager, night world, ironman, charmed, tamora pierce immortal series, x-files, hunger games

tv shows.x-files, doctor who, alice, tin man, charmed, once upon a time, any star trek series movies. stargate, independence day, ironman, enchanted, star trek, tangled, confessions of a shopaholic books. harry potter, hunger games, howl's moving castle, night world series by lj smith, immortals series by tamora pierce, his dark materials, abhorsen series, sevenwaters saga

my otps. mulder/scully, draco/hermione, doctor/rose, amy/rory, mary-lynette/ash, pepper/tony, piper/leo, tom/b'elanna, will/deanna, katniss/peeta, dg/cain

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